Saturday, July 28, 2012

Costa Rica 6

July 27, 2012

It is hard to believe that this was the last day in Arbolitos! I am sad because I don't know if I will ever return, but I am really looking forward to getting home! I feel like we accomplished what we came to do (Jerry did more than expected!).

Jerry and Carlos finished hanging the ceiling this morning. They reminded us of monkeys swinging from the rafters. I had prayed for their safety today and all went well except Jerry fell off the ladder once. Thankfully he was fine except for a scrape on his arm!

We packed bags of candy for treats for the children and helped Sarah prepare for her class. Connie did a lot of book recording for the Rama. We all cleaned the guest house to prepare for the next group. It is amazing how different the house looks after all the work we did this week!

Lunch today was a great time of chatting and enjoying each others company. We had ground meat with summer squash, rice and beans, plantains, pineapple, and breadfruit. Concepcion showed me how to make the corn tortas I have enjoyed so much! She had me grind the fresh corn before lunch, and after we ate, she showed me how she fries the corn mixture on a banana leaf! Her recipe is freshly ground corn, ground farmers cheese, 3 tablespoons sugar, a dash of salt and a teaspoon of baking powder. It is so yummy!

After lunch, we finished our cleaning, took showers, and rested for the afternoon. It was really nice to have the afternoon to relax. Jerry and I walked up to the school a little before dinner to check the Internet. I was so excited to have an email from Tracy with pictures of my animals! We have newly hatched chicks and the puppies are so cute! It really made my day!

Jerry was also able to fix Sarah's camera this afternoon. I had been praying for her to be able to use it since she is staying another week. It turned out to be a little piece of plastic stuck in the SD card slot. What a blessing! Ruth shared at dinner that Franklin was able to get a lot to build a house on near Puerta Viejo. Another blessing!

Dinner was bittersweet. I always enjoy the meal, but it was a little sad to know that it was our last together as a group. Carlos was unable to join us since he was at a meeting about milking cows. We had many of the same things tonight, including those yummy corn tortas!

We are all turning in early tonight since we have to be on the boat by 6:30 in the morning! Goodnight Arbolitos!

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