Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Costa Rica 4

July 23, 2012

Well, I officially hit the threshold today. I miss my kids! The first day I was here, my thoughts were about home. After that, my thoughts were here. Now, my thoughts are beginning to turn towards home again!

Today, Sarah and I were able to use the entire day to work in the Biblioteca (library). The library is two rooms. One room houses the actual library/classroom/computer lab. The other room is a workshop/meeting room. We have mostly been working in the workshop/ meeting area. Sarah did wander over to the library today to play the electronic piano, and I found some time to read to Marianna, the little girl from the neighborhood that helps Ruth.

Marianna hung around a lot today! After we finally finished organizing the beading supplies, Sarah and I worked on some painting projects and Marianna was eager to paint! At first we told her no, but she was patiently persistent. Finally, we gave in and she was delighted! I painted a picture of Salvador and Anna's birds on a slice of tree to give them as a gift from us. Salvador had given the slices to Ruth as a gift and she wanted to use one to give back. Sarah worked with me on a tic tac toe set. Instead of Xs and Os, we painted frogs and chameleons on wooden blocks. Sarah made a sack with the tic tac toe board painted on it. Marianna painted on paper plates.

I mixed up some sidewalk paint from cornstarch, water, and food coloring. I showed Marianna how to use it, and it worked great! I wish that I would have had that recipe for my second graders last year! Marianna painted some beautiful things, but she didn't stay outside long because she really wanted to be inside with us!

After lunch today, Sarah and I finished our projects and then worked on a rug for the house. Jerry worked on painting concrete sealer on the block today. Tomorrow, he and Carlos will hang the ceiling.

Lunch and dinner today were similar. We ate rice and beans, tortillas, spaghetti, broccoli, and tomato salad. We also had plantains and cheese for lunch. Other than the leftovers from lunch, we had a different type of cheese that was a gift from Greiven. We also had shrimp legs! These shrimp legs were the size of small crab legs!

Sarah and I were delighted to learn that there was an Internet connection in Arbolitos today! The Internet has been out here since we arrived and we have only been able to access the Internet in La Gata.

As Jerry and I lay here in bed, inhaling the concrete sealer fumes and listening to the awesome Costa Rica thunder, Jerry is admiring Carlos' rafters on the roof. He uses mahogany which he hand cuts in the jungle with his chain saw. He then carries it on his back through the jungle, puts it on his boat, and brings it home. You must also understand that Carlos is maybe 130 pounds soaking wet, which he probably is most of the time! The wood must dry for four months before using, and he hand planes it. Jerry also notes that every board in this house is hand cut by chainsaw! Everything here is like that. It has been hard to come by and is used frugally!

Tomorrow, Ruth will go to San Jose to pick up Sarah's mom and sister. She has left us instructions to deliver invitations to some local ladies for the art class we will do on Wednesday. We are to walk up to their door and say, "Upe," and wait for someone to come out. We are not to knock on the door! Other than the invites, we will use our time to prepare for the class and get the house ready for our new housemates.

I hope it rains tonight! I love sleeping to the sound of the thunder and rain!

July 24, 2012
6:30 am

I actually slept like normal last night. I had regular dreams and slept all night. It is raining this morning, but it is a soft, gentle rain. I have become so used to the sound of the rain that I almost didn't notice it. Even as I typed that sentence, the rain became intense! Yesterday, it didn't rain at all after the morning. It was a hot, sticky day. Sarah and I remarked about how quickly things dry here when the sun is out! And now, as quickly as it began, the rain is back to a gentle shower!

Today will be another work day for us. We will prepare for our class and clean up. I am hoping to take more pictures while we deliver invitations. I would also like to cross some other things off of the board. Jerry and Carlos will finish their work in the guest house.

I can feel the time winding down. Today is day 7 and we only have 10 here. Tomorrow we will visit Carlos and Ruth's farm and hen hold the class for the Arbolitos women. Thursday, we are hoping to visit a school. Friday we will prepare to leave and then we are gone! It is hard to believe!

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